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CAMP 4:13 Masterclass

The first-ever certified Christian Course in Public Speaking!

Service Description

One skill many churches and seminaries do not teach is Public Speaking. Whereas, the ministry of Jesus would have been impossible without public speaking skills! As a Christian in the corporate world or marketplace, acquiring presentation mastery will enable you to seize the opportunities God brings your way! It will also be integral in fulfilling your calling. Based on Acts 4:13, CAMP 4:13 has the primary focus of building your confidence and introducing you to the rudiments of connecting with your audience. It is the first certified Christian course in Public Speaking! The 1-day Masterclass version of this course takes place in London on 23 July and Birmingham on 30 July 2022. We are hoping to take this Masterclass to other major cities across Britain (kindly contact us if you will like to have this programme in your city). Bearing in mind that over 90% of our career, calling and daily interactions involve various forms of the art of public speaking, the curriculum for CAMP 4:13 Masterclass is 75% practical and 25% theory. Whether you are conducting Bible Study, presenting your company's quarterly report, announcing upcoming events at church or giving a speech at a conference, this hands-on learning experience will equip you with the rudiments for connecting with your audience, keep them leaning forward with interest and establishing an enviable Speaking Legacy. The Facilitator for this Masterclass is Samuel Jonathan, Lead Facilitator for the Royal Centre for Public Speaking! To learn more about the Facilitator, kindly select "About" from the menu. To attend this iconic learning experience, click on the following link

Contact Details

07847 84 86 86

83-85 Hagley Road, Birmingham, UK

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