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Speaking and Beyond

An advanced in-depth perfection of the rudiments of Public Speaking

Service Description

Speaking and Beyond is the first Public Speaking Course (in the world) to be accompanied by a Lifetime Guarantee! It is a wholesome enriching learning experience in public speaking. This 6-week course offers an in-depth understanding (and coverage) of the various aspects and facets of public speaking. It is a priceless experience. Areas of Focus include: - Discovering, Identifying and Understanding your Personality Type, especially as it relates to stage-fright and pre-speech anxiety - Mastering and Overcoming Stage-Fright - Gaining a practical understanding of the Art of Public Speaking - Daily Habits of World-Class Speakers - Verbal Communication – How to incorporate words that build cooperation and facilitate “buy in” from your audience. Replacement of commonly used phrases which are erroneous such as “all protocol observed”. Simple steps to expand your vocabulary and broaden your audience. Eradication of vocalised pauses such as errhhh and ummhhh. - With the aid of Speech Workouts and Presentation Trials, enhance the Vocal Delivery of your speeches including tone, tempo, volume and volume - Synchronising your gesture, posture, facial expression and body language with your utterance. Eradication of mannerisms that readily diminish the efficacy of your delivery - International Public Speaking Etiquette - An introduction to Presentation Mastery - Speech Preparation - How to commence your presentation and establish audience engagement - Transitioning from your Introduction/Opening to the Main Body and Conclusion - How to conclude with charisma and handle Q&A segments - Extemporaneous Presentations - Professional Speaking Development To get started, scroll further down to "Register for a Course". Do you live outside Birmingham and would love to have this course conducted in your city? Simply scroll down to "Register for a Course", click on the link to register for a Group Course and indicate the city where you live. We will promptly let you know upcoming dates for locations near you or explore the likelihood of organising the course for your city.

Contact Details

07847 84 86 86

70 Clifton St, London EC2A 4HB, UK

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