The Diamond

6 sessions of Public Speaking Coaching with a Lifetime Guarantee!

Service Description

"Great treasures are never found in shallow waters" - Samuel Jonathan The Diamond is an in-depth learning experience which enables you to acquire an advanced perfection of the fundamentals of world-class Public Speaking. The Diamond consists of six (6) rigorous sessions with hands-on coaching. Moreover, the depth of the programme lays the essential blocks for attaining Presentation Mastery. Hence, our Lifetime Guarantee! With the dedicated attention of your Coach, the entire learning experience is personalised. Primary focus is given to the various aspects of Public Speaking, Communication Skills and Presentation Techniques which you need to develop. The Lifetime Guarantee grants you FREE admission to any of our Group Courses for a lifetime. This ensures that you are always "in shape" public speaking-wise. Additionally, you will receive continuous mentoring (in Public Speaking) from your Coach after the programme is completed. The modus operandi for the programme shall include: Presentation Trials Speech Workouts Audio-visual Tutorials Extemporaneous Delivery Assessment and Evaluation Are you ready for this empowering journey? To get started, scroll further down to "Register for a Course". Do you live outside Birmingham and would love to have this programme conducted in your city? Simply scroll down to "Register for a Course", click on the link to register and indicate the city where you want to have your coaching. We will promptly send you a quote and further discuss the schedule that suits you best.

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