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The Emerald

An enriched one-session learning experience

Service Description

The Emerald is a one-session programme and is ideal if you are preparing to speak at an event or feel the need to polish one or two aspects of your presentation skills. Additionally, The Emerald would be perfect for those who want to develop their Public Speaking skills at their own pace, as opposed to having a full structured curriculum. Thus, you can pay-as-you-go, one session at a time. To get started, scroll further down to "Register for a Course". Do you live outside Birmingham and would love to have this programme conducted in your city? Simply scroll down to "Register for a Course", click on the link to register and indicate the city where you want to have your coaching. Typically, the fee shown applies to London, Birmingham and Manchester. If your sessions are to be conducted in a city/town other than the aforementioned, there may be an additional fee for travel and logistics.

Contact Details

07847 84 86 86

70 Clifton St, London EC2A 4HB, UK

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