The Ruby

A wholesome personalised 3-session Public Speaking Course

Service Description

With The Ruby, you have 3 coaching sessions which allow you to have wholesome practical understanding of the fundamentals of Public Speaking and the essentials for Effective Communication. We fully understand that we all have different paces at which we learn and all have different styles of presenting (speaking). Therefore, a one-size-fits-all approach would not be appropriate! The curriculum is entirely personalised and this ensures that the programme meets your needs. In order to optimise the efficacy of each session, the programme is 75% practice-based and 25% theory. We will like to know the challenges you face in Public Speaking so we can start drafting the curriculum and map out the sessions in such a way that will bring out the best in you. To get started, scroll further down to "Register for a Course". Do you live outside Birmingham and would love to have this programme conducted in your city? Simply scroll down to "Register for a Course", click on the link to register and indicate the city where you want to have your coaching. We will promptly send you a quote and further discuss the schedule that suits you best.

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